CESB 2024


15. – 18.09.2024, NUREMBERG (GERMANY)

CESB 2024

After a long pause due to the COVID emergency we are delighted to announce the organisation of the next symposium of the CESB series (the last meeting was CESB 2019, which took place in Guangzhou, China). The 8th China-Europe Symposium on Biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine will be held in Nuremburg, Germany, from September 15 to 18, 2024.

CESB 2024 aims at bringing together two Biomaterials Societies that have been collaborating for many years to bring forward significant advances to the field of Biomaterials with focus on Regenerative Medicine applications. The workshop will review the latest trends and the progress of frontier research in biomaterials science and engineering, including advances in clinical research and translation.

The broad field of biomaterials research will be covered in the symposium, including but not limited to the following topics: advanced materials for tissue repair and regeneration, nanomedicine and immunotherapy, bioimaging, biofabrication, and drug delivery systems. The conference will bring together two Societies and researchers from life sciences and engineering, clinicians and industry representatives to provide an effective environment for stimulating exchange and discussions.

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Prof Aldo R. Boccaccini (CESB 2024 Organiser)
Prof. Nicholas Dunne (ESB President)
Prof Ana Paula Pêgo (ESB Past President)
Prof. Zhao Yuliang (CSBM President)
Prof Changsheng Liu (CSBM Past President) 


No matter which direction you come from, Nuremberg is a central transportation hub and is optimally connected to the various traffic routes.

Abstract Submission opens
Dec 2023

Registration opens
Jan 2024

Abstract submission deadline
Tuesday, April 10, 2024

CESB 2024
15 – 18 Sept 2024

K.I.T. Group GmbH Dresden
Bautzner Str. 117-119
01099 Dresden, Germany

One of the key aspects of the CESB Conferences is that experts in basic biomaterials science, biomaterials development and processing, and clinicians are brought together to discuss the most up-to-date developments in this field and promote the translation of biomaterials from bench to the bedside.

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